Transforming Aldi stores across the UK

19th March 2021

Aldi store front

Boosting Existing Stores For Project Fresh

Having established a long-lasting relationship with this popular discount supermarket chain, we have recently worked closely with the brand on their Project Fresh campaign, which involves improving existing Aldi stores based on customer feedback.

From building brighter, wider isles and creating extra space for fresh fruit and veg to installing new food-to-go ranges and improving fixtures, we are committed to boosting the customer experience for this well-established client.

During our time working on Project Fresh, we have improved the infrastructure of existing stores throughout North East England and Scotland. We have installed subfloor drainage, made alterations to car parks, created drainage diversions and established trenching to accommodate for new power supplies. We have also worked on supermarket interiors to create additional chiller provision, helping stores expand to meet consumer demand.

Having undertaken extension and alteration work to twelve existing stores across the UK, we are experienced in providing a flexible service with minimum disruption to the store’s day-to-day operations, many of the Aldi stores we have worked on have remained operational from start to finish.

Aldi Store Sign


Adding Value To Local Communities With New Store Builds

We recently celebrated the completion of our 22nd new Aldi store build which opened its doors in May 2022, this time in Spennymoor.

All substructure and external works were completed by our experienced team, including improvements to the public highway in accordance with the S278 Highway Act. We also installed S106 drainage connections. These works had an approximate value of £1 million.

It is always a pleasure to work with Aldi and see their projects come to fruition, helping them expand one new store build at a time and improving the customer experience in existing stores with complex and effective alterations and extensions.

For more information on our processes and to learn more about our projects, contact us here.

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