The Egger manufacturing site project

An in-situ steel cladding welfare facility for the Egger recycling plant.

The recycling plant at Egger

Hexham, UK

A complete in-situ frame with steel cladding for the manufacturing facility.

As part of their £15 million investment, global manufacturers of wood-based materials, Egger, recently contracted us to construct a brand new welfare facility for the staff working in their recycling plant in Hexham, Northumberland.

Egger is a steadily growing, family company that was founded in Austria back in 1961. They are known for offering some of the most versatile, sustainable, and affordable wood-based products available on the market. 

The Hexham plant is responsible for sourcing waste wood for the company’s chipboard production sites that supply materials to businesses across the UK. The plant is responsible for creating around 50% of the UK’s chipboard. 

The site is one of only two Egger manufacturing plants in the UK and is a major employer in the Northumberland area.

Construction of Egger welfare facility on recycling plant