Creating a warehouse extension for Tandem Group Plc

A professional structure enlargement for a growing business

Tandem Group

A brand new warehouse extension for the sports and leisure company

As of June 2022 we are currently in the process of creating a new warehouse extension for Tandem Group Plc, a designer, developer, distributor and retailer of sports, leisure and mobility products.

The main challenge is the site’s limited access, resulting in the necessity for detailed planning in order to undertake external works and cladding.

Using the latest technology, a UXB survey was conducted prior to any ground treatment due to the proximity of the site to the location of a former Spitfire factory. This involved assessing the terrain for unexploded items of ordnance embedded in the ground.

Once given the go-ahead, the team undertook vibro compaction techniques to improve the foundations and floor slabs beneath the proposed building.

steel frame of warehouse extension